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Praise from the Inbox

Here are a few comments that truly warmed our cockles.  (Or something like that.)

“Parents, look out! Kids will latch onto Bax and won't let go till they’ve done
three trips around Dickens on the way to Dostoevsky!”

                --Tama Tappan, A Novel Idea

“In today's age of omg and brb, here's a character inspiring kids to care about words and ideas I'm afraid we've lost touch with!  I’m bummed my kids didn’t have these!”
                --Kris Bales, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

“You had me with the ‘sprinkles of tasty language.’”
                -- Sarah Mackenzie, Read Aloud Revival

“I’d like to give Bax five stars, plus a moon, and a piece of the international space station.”
                -- Carla Cushman, Ed.D., Author/Instructor

“Bax's view from the top shelf is winsome and compelling..."
                -- Adam Andrews, Founder, Center For Lit