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Letter from "Team Bax"

Dear Parents and Educators,

There are lots of smarty-pants reasons to do a series like Bax Classics, but above all, what we hope we’ve created here is a love letter to some great old books... books that could someday become your children’s favorites as a result of having met literature’s “biggest little ally.”

Bax is an effective way to plant seeds of curiosity in kids for big books and beautiful language that will bloom in time.  And with our added curriculum, Bax can help you craft memorable, kid-sized discussions about equally big ideas!  How does it all work?  By presenting classics in the framework of a child’s experience, we exemplify a novel's elements of FUN, WONDER and MYSTERY, which are the mental foodstuff of every kid in kiddom! 

Thank you for this opportunity!  With your support, we've been able to launch a venture we're immensely proud of.  Please watch for an exciting announcement of a new and valuable PARTNERSHIP coming soon! 

Our very best,
Steven and Wendy,
a.k.a TeamBax